Welcome! You need a professional freelance writer to tell the right stories and deliver your message effectively. I’m an experienced freelancer who writes accurate, engaging content in a timely fashion. Nice to meet you!

I’m Scott, a Seattle-based journalist, blogger and freelance writer with online experience in general copywriting as well as travel and leisure, business, pop culture, health and well being, and news topics. I’ve also worked as an editor, written press releases and revised corporate training documents.

My writing has appeared on Yahoo, PopCrush, Livestrong, Eagle Creek, Matador, Spinner, and numerous other websites. I’ve also been published in multiple newspapers and even appeared on Canada‚Äôs CTV and Britain’s BBC Radio as a travel expert.

I’m a founding member of the Professional Travel Bloggers Association and I run the lighthearted blog Quirky Travel Guy and other travel sites such as Visit Guadalupe Mountains.

Take a look at my portfolio if you like, and when you’re ready to get in touch, email me at scott@scott-shetler.com.

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